Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Changing PHASES of Batch 83 (the gals became ladies...)

Just more than a month ago, those who follow the Roman calendar celebrated new year. And recently, the Chinese (lunar) new year was celebrated too. In Roman mythology the only two-faced god named Janus (where the month of January was taken from), has a unique role to play. One face is looking from the past while the other face is forward looking. Janus represents the end and the beginning at the same time.

During graduation day we always see on the back drop the words _ "...commencement exercises..." But commencement means the beginning. While graduation is the end of a course. Is the beginning also the end? Is the end also the beginning?

In many ways and in different instances the end is also the beginning. Its JANUS. Its like the dawn (day break) is the end of night and the beginning of day. While dust (twilight) its where the day ceased and the night starts.

Graduation from elementary is the beginning of high school, and while high school ends college commences. As we finished college its the first step to professional life (but sometimes otherwise). In reality our life is full of Januses. But in the life of man, one of those that are really glaring changes in our life occurs during our high school age (time).

Especially the girls. They have many changing phases of their life. Spare not our beloved batchmate (batch 83) from National University. I have seen how these naughty and boyish acting gals turn to become sophisticated ladies.

From playing sipa and chinese garter to fascination of make up and understanding the pounding heart. From flat chestedness to adorable bodies. From colorless lips to shiny kissable ones. From no matter what clothes and color to wear to fashionistas. Changes, changes, changes, changes every where.

To remember more these little gals who became ladies during our high school days. Here are they as I remember them (care of Flora Deveza)

Lorna Cantaoi, Josephine Roa, Mary Anne Roa, Crissaly Dodson, Teresa Camba, Teresa Caneba, Teresa Regidor, Fe Bagay, Judy Muyco, Ma. Theresa Sy, Natividad Fugaban, Yolanda Guevarra, Belinda Aguilar, Amor Tranquilino, Lizette Lacap, MArlene Flora, Erlinda Sulit, Nancy Salvador, Beng Paez, Penny Geronimo, Dulce Dacanay, Corina Rivera, Ma. Victoria de Guzman, Felicitas Magno, Bong Caliboso, Dulosong, Marjorie and Flora Deveza

I have forgotten many... this is a mortal sin. But I know in my heart that there were many Januses for the above mentioned ladies and the forgotten ones.

Do you still remember how they looked like when they were in first year. Compare them when they graduated in high school. The little girls became adorable ladies.

The results of their changes were their sword and armor as they journeyed their college life. Different schools and diverse courses. Their challenges were harder but they managed to overcome them one by one. With their rich experienced in high school and the loving support of their loved ones, they became conquerors.

Then 27 years after graduating from high school I found some of them in FB. Notable Januses transpired. Some are still here, while others are now overseas. They have common denominator - they have children. The ladies are now women...wives and mothers. And that is a great accomplishment.

Now I can say that once in my life those great and wonderful girls who became gorgeous ladies are now loving wives and mothers, were all my batch mates from the four corners of NAtional University.


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