Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Photos of our 3rd Monthly Meeting held at Ramil Sanidad's Rest House in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan last April 9. Sarap balik-balikan! Hope to see you all again in our 4th Monthly Meeting.


Base on the last update we received from our batchmates, majority are not attending this event. So we decided to postponed and reschedule our 4th meeting some other time. Our main purpose of the monthly meeting is to increase the attendees and not to reduce it. According to Choi, who sponsor the venue, it's much better if everybody can come because she's renting the whole place just for us. So please inform us when is the best date that everybody can come so we can reschedule the venue for that specific date. Text me or Flora DeVeza ASAP!


ATTENTION: BATCHMATES! Starting May 7, 2010, we are going to start collecting contribution or monthly due for our organization. It was discussed and agreed upon by the organization ad hoc committee last monthly meeting. The money will be deposited in a financial institution which will be announced later. The money shall be used to finance fund raising project, future community services (e.g. Medical Mission, etc.) and financial assistance to our less fortunate batchmates/alumni. Marlene Flora (Acting Treasurer) and Fe Bagay-Rival (Asst. Treasurer) are the signatories. Jose Marie Reyes (Acting Auditor) will monitor the financial activity of the organization. Financial Statement shall be posted on this group and our website for the members to see. Membership Due is compulsory every month and the amount is P200.00 (minimum). Batchmates may contribute more than the amount due especially those financially stabled members (nasa abroad...hehehe). Thank you in advance and more power to all of us!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Time: 6:00PM Friday, May 7, 2010
Location: Somewhere in the Heart of Cavite

This is our 4th Monthly Meeting with picnic and swimming. I would like to inform everybody that this time, we're inviting your family to join with us on this special event. It's an overnight celebration.

Meeting Place: NU Main Entrance @ 5:00PM
Our contribution is for the transportation and it will depend on how many are... coming to this event. POTLUCK po sa foods and drinks, but please bring extra ha!

Paki text kung ilan ang sasama nyo so we can confirm the number of people for the transportation. Text to 09063040914

Thanks to Rusella "Choi" Labrador for sponsoring the venue! Bonnga ka talaga!